Since 1984 supporting the port activity of our community, a pioneer as a dock concessionaire in Chile


Chilean Capital Company, was born as a Limited Company in 1984 and became a Public Limited Company in 1998.

Its main activity is carried out in Quintero Bay through the ASIMAR Dock Operation (former - fiscal dock), whose name was officially given in 1993 by SHOA.

The ASIMAR Dock port facility is certified according to the ISPS (International Ship and Port Security) international code and is a primary customs area adjacent to the Customs Office. It is in front of the Harbor Master's Office and has an office specially set up for the SAG, SNS and the International Police for the Reception of Ships.

General Manager

Our services

Logistical support

Through our port facility, the supply and logistical support of all the ships that call at the Quintero Bay are carried out, both at the terminals and docks located in them, receiving supplies for the ships, fuels, spare parts, and other needs according to the circustance.

transit of people

Embarkation and disembarkation of crew members, inspectors, authorities and pilots for the ships that call at the bay through two jetties, which comply with all safety regulations and expeditious operation

Loading and unloading of larger ships

At the dock, the shipment of fuel to bunkering ships and tugboats, the loading and unloading of island cabotage ships and the unloading of oversized packages are carried out. 

A 100% safe dock

Considering the different Market and Economic variables of the Commune, ASIMAR S.A. has developed over time, Socio-Economic Activities, Market Studies and Feasibility Analysis with different options of Port Activity, which mainly recommend:

Quality of services

Increase the amount of Services required by ships that call at Quintero Bay, with a quality level of International ISPS characteristics, necessarily.

Loading and unloading of larger ships

Maintain the unloading of oversized packages for companies in the area, as an important support for the industrial development of the region;

Search for the conditions to improve the facilities and safety in the execution of fuel supply tasks through bunkering ships.

Implement an Extraordinary Logistics Support Zone (ZEAL) that allows shipowners and clients of the insular cabotage service to be given the necessary facilities to consolidate this activity in Quintero Bay.

Corporate social responsibility

Develop all its activities with a principle of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which together with allowing its commercial objectives, project it to the Community as an organization, which despite its commercial and lucrative role, is closely related to the environment.


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